I am active mainly on 2 online shops; Artmajeur and Redbubble. Both have their own particularities in that they target different audiences while providing high quality services in terms of reliability and rapidity. Process to order is quite easy and secure but, like all shops online, you should register before ordering.




Artmajeur has established itself in the virtual art market, especially the European one where it could be in first place. It is a newomer to the world of art galleries on line. Artmajeur operates in more than 190 countries and the target audience is exclusively art lovers or collectors. It is possible to acquire original artworks by dealing directly with the artist though the "print on demand" is also available. In the latter case, the buyer gets a certificate of authenticity with electronic signature.


Artmajeur provides a premium service but pricing are significantly higher than Redbubble. For limited editions, price fluctuate between 20 and 20000US$, excluding shipping fees. The Artmajeur's headquarter is at Clapiers (France).


As regards my gallery on Artmajeur, unless otherwise specified, most of works are sold according to the print on demand process which is the easiest, safest and quickest way to reduce both the delivery time and possible issues when ordering on line. However, it is worth noting that you can always contact me directly if you prefer to place an order with me rather than through an online sales website.


I offer a return policy of 30 days if the buyer is not satisfied but only in the event of order via Artmajeur.


Also, know that you can download the images and use them according to the chosen license which is a good compromise with the purchase of the "paper version".


Please, I invite you to look at an example for art print, canvas and metal print.

The prices do not include applicable taxes and delivery fee.




As I explained in the "About" section, I am on redbubble.com. Redbubble is based at Melbourne where it has its head office. It is specialized in the sale of customized products created from original artworks and print on demand industry just like Artmajeur. They sell products such as stickers, posters, canvas print, phone cases, leggings, scarves, duvet covers, etc. This is a non-exhaustive list. Take a closer look at redbubble.com, just for fun.