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My name is Jean-Louis Brassiène, also known as Miroux (literally "half red-headed"), in memory of the color of my hair when I was still wearing cropped pants.
I was born in Aachen (Germany) and currently live in a small village located almost halfway between Paris and Brussels. French is my native language.
   According to custom and the well-known formula,  I am self-taught in the world of visual arts and, strictly speaking, I do not consider myself as a photographer, but rather an explorer of the imaginary, an all-rounder or a kind of traveler endlessly in quest of harmony between colors. To achieve my goal, I am used to mixing traditional photography with digital painting processes while embracing a wide range of themes.
   I have always been fascinated by hyperrealism both pictorial and sculptural with D.j Hockney or R. Mueck. Yet, surrealism movement and above all renowned artists such as R. Magritte, M. Caram, C. Welz-Stein, R. Olbinski carry off the laurels. Some of them are accomplished digital artists. 
   I feel strong affinities with digital art, but honestly, it doesn't mean my work gravitates exclusively around that creative medium. In all truth, I do not think my work is greatly influenced by these artists. I do not have such an ambition.  In fact, in terms of artistic expression, I try not to retreat myself into a bubble, or let's say, a too rigorous artistic philosophy although my natural propensity to mix true to live imagery with digitally enhanced elements in a surreal environment could be my "modus operandi" to convey emotion and, sometimes, a message.
   If I do not have a degree in fine arts, at least I have a degree in marine technology. A career as marine officer inescapably took me away from photography for many years. From this period, I keep many memories and ... few images. What is a bit awkward, because I had the chance to observe with my own eyes some live events, see wonders that I would not have had the opportunity to discover at least once in my lifetime if I had never put my feet on board of these huge freighters sailing hither and thither to the world's end. OK, I admit it is not the main point of this bio but I could not avoid this slight digression.  So, time to draw a line under it. 
   Early 2012, back on shore after decennies of "aquatic wanderings" and back to my first loves. I mean photography of course. My interest in photography began a long time ago when my parents gave me a camera commonly called "box". Roughly speaking, it had really a black cubic shape. It was also a basic device.
   I  definitively favor photography not only because it is my preferred medium but I think it is the most democratized and versatile process in the field of visual communication within the reach of everyone. Anyone with a camera and some basic software can take a bundle of photos without costing him a pretty penny for the post-processing unlike silver photography.
   Five years ago, or so, I understood it was essential to showcase and share my work. And here is the rub...
   Today, creativity goes hand in hand with sharing, one of the most proeminent keyword on the web. Without sharing, promoting we won't quite simply exist whatever the quality of our work except if we are a celebrity. Setting up an internet presence is vital. Like many of us, I began to built my own site. After lots of headaches, swear words, I realised it was incredibly time consuming and, at worst, counterproductive without tangible results to boost the audience. For a while time, I've been looking for a more flexible and easy support.
   As you know, it's nobody's secret, the photography market is saturated. For instance, every second, more than 2000 pictures are uploaded to Facebook. So that, building and customizing your site is not necessarily the only doorway to implement your business but just a tool among others to promote some products. So, recently I made up my mind to open my niche to Redbubble which is a well-known online market platform opened to independent artists managing a wide range of products according to a print on demand policy. Since 2017, I am also member of Artmajeur, another online art gallery.
   Please, feel free to share or send comments if you wish. You can also contact me using the online contact form available at the top of the page.
   Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to look at my work.
Jean-Louis Brassiène