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  I’m Jean-Louis Brassiène, also known as Miroux (literally “half red-headed”), in memory of my hair color when I was still wearing cropped pants.



  I was born in Aachen (Germany) and currently live in a small village almost halfway between Paris and Brussels. I speak French, my native language.

  Although self-taught in the world of visual arts, I have been drawing and painting from early childhood, influenced by my father who was a painter during his free time. But my presumed talents were set aside when I’ve gotten the virus of the sea and great outdoors.


  If I don't have a degree in fine arts, at least I have a degree in marine technology. This means, I’ve poor perspective knowledge and limited theory of colors so that I let myself be guided by my intuition. OK, I admit it's not the main point of this bio and I could avoid this slight digression. So, time to draw a line under it. 


  I've always had a keen interest in the surrealism movement and above all renowned artists such as R. Magritte, M. Caram, C. Welts-Stein, R. Olbinski, Michael Cheval and many others.


  The sea became my home for more than three decades, but art remained secretly my garden. As the years went by, travel stirred up unconsciously the need to seize the most common and serious things that could reflect our world. And so, I started photography.


  Since 2017, I experience strong affinities with digital painting I discovered with my cameras when I was used to duplicating photos based on seascapes and characters. I appreciate that medium in the field of fine arts and illustrations due to its versatility and flexibility.


  But I admit that making copy extracted from photos starts to be a bit boring. I would like to give free rein to my creativity, transcending language barriers by means of visual arts what is currently not the case.


  Besides this, I’m mad about French wine, I'm a mediocre accordion and harmonica player but an excellent bike rider.


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